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Artist:Umitaro Abe(Japan)




Many folk utensils collected at Okura Zarae. Folk implements that have finished their role as tools and have been lying dormant in storehouses can be struck or shaken to emit sounds that even their owners had forgotten. These sounds were reconstructed together with the sounds of Suzu, such as the wind, waves, folk songs, and festival music that the folk implements would have heard in the past, creating a soundscape that seemed to play with the memories of the folk implements.




Umitaro Abe(Japan)



 The music for “Ark of Light” was created by Abe Kaitaro. He has participated in numerous stage productions, including some directed by Ninagawa Yukio, and pursues new possibilities in theater music and the contemporary expression of musical instruments. In this theater museum, which traces the faint afterglow of memories that remain in folkcraft articles, music is not just a background sound but an essential element that creates a story by connecting memories of things and the places where those things used to be to the memories of each person in the audience.
You will hear music played by instruments, Suzu festival music, sounds of the waves and the wind, sounds that resonate in the community, and former sounds that have disappeared. Sounds will come from various places in the museum as the storehouse items light up with a flashlight.