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Artist:Katsumi Asaba(JAPAN)
Title:Stone Table Tennis No.3


Photo:Kichiro Okamura

本作家為擔任奧能登國際藝術節創意總監,也是個有名的桌球高手。 他認為桌球是促進交流的絕佳運動,到現在為止他設計了數台單塊石板桌球台在各地展示。期望透過桌球振興東亞交流活潑化,將第3號設置在這「盡頭地的酒館」。

The artist who works as the creative director of the Okunoto International Art Festival is also famous as a master of table tennis. He sees table tennis as a great tool to promote communication and has designed several table tennis tables made of single slabs of stone and exhibited them in various places. With the hope of revitalizing exchange in East Asia through table tennis, he will set up Table No.3 in the Saihate Cabaret.


・制作年 2021年
・展示 飯田エリア|さいはてのキャバレー
・マップコード(カーナビ入力) 329 646 566*65
・公開 常時公開中

Production year 2021
Exhibition Area Iida|Cabaret at the world's end
MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 646 566*65



Katsumi Asaba(JAPAN)

曾在著名桑澤設計研究所、Light Publicity就職,75年獨立開設了淺葉克己設計室。他的代表作有三得利「夢街道」、西武百貨店「美味生活」、武田藥品「愛利納明A」、三宅一生的品牌商標關聯等。獲得日本學院獎、東京ADC最高獎、紫綬獎章、旭日小綬章、龜倉雄策獎等眾多獎項。擔任東京ADC委員、東京TDC理事長、JAGDA理事、桑澤設計研究所第10任所長、東京造型大學客座教授。京都精華大學客座教授。 青森大學客座教授。桌球六段。

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1940. After studying at Kuwasawa Design School and working for Light Publicity, he established the Katsumi Asaba Design Studio in 1975. Representative works include directing Suntory’s "Yumekaido" and Seibu Department Store’s "Oishii-Seikatsu" advertising campaigns, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company’s "Arinamin A" ads, and works related to Issey Miyake’s logo. He has received many awards, including the Japan Academy Film Prize, Tokyo ADC Grand Prix Award, the Purple Ribbon Medal of Honor, the Order of the Rising Sun Gold Rays with Rosette Award, and the Yusaku Kamekura Design Award. He is a committee member of Tokyo ADC, Chairman of Tokyo TDC, Director of JAGDA, the 10th president of Kuwasawa Design School, and a visiting professor at Tokyo Zokei University, Kyoto Seika University, and Aomori University. He is ranked at the sixth level in table tennis.