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原嶋 亮辅(日本)


Artist:Ryosuke Harashima(Japan)
Title:Future Past 2323



通过与吉池的人们的交流,邂逅衰朽的工具。这是人所制造的、人所使用的、贴近人们生活的痕迹。历时而宿的灵性与生活的记忆。 进入家中,即现异质的白壁。从隐约浮现的轮廓中依稀可见往日的臼与箱。艺术家效仿灵魂转附于久用物品的“付丧神信仰”,让旧物件仿佛生出了手脚,变身成饰有框架的家具。

Lonely, falling apart tools encountered through interactions with the people of Yoshigaike. Created and used by people, they are relics of human activity. A spirituality that dwells through time; Memories of life lived. Entering the house, a strange white wall appears. The silhouettes floating there vaguely evoke the mortars and Japanese chests of the past. Like belief in “artifact spirits” that over long periods of time inhabit and transform objects, these old tools seem to grow hands and feet, changing frames into furnishings.




Ryosuke Harashima(Japan)

生于1980年。 家具设计师/艺术家。工作于金泽,在参与当地工艺和产业的设计工作时。从2018年开始,他开始创作以古老的民间工具和传统工艺的时间性和变化为主题的家具系列STILLIFE。原嶋亮辅认为古老腐朽的民具、及传统工艺所孕育的工具以及河边滚动的石头在漫长的时间中蕴藏着某种迷人之处。对于某些人来说,这是一次新鲜的邂逅,对于另一些人来说,它是一种怀旧的相遇。他试图通过这种模糊而直观的感觉,由此启发创作出可供想象和共享的"工具"或"家具"。从2022年开始,他还担任金沢市工艺总监,还参与了对手工艺艺术家和工作室的业务支持和项目指导。

-《with》 nadoya(2022年/东京)
-《Hereafter/来自过去》 SOMEWHERE TOKYO(2022年/东京)
-《Future Past》 西田几多郎纪念哲学馆(2022年/石川)

Born in 1980. Furniture designer/artist. Based in Kanazawa, he is involved in local crafts and industries as a designer, and in 2018 started producing the furniture series STILLIFE with the theme of time and transformation of old folk tools and traditional crafts. Old and decaying folk implements, tools cultivated by tradition, and stones that roll on river banks have something attractive in them over time. For some, it's a fresh encounter, and for others, it's a nostalgic encounter. Imagining such ambiguous and sensuous things, he creates 'tools' or 'furniture' as devices that can be shared. From 2022, he has engaged in business support and project direction for craft artists and workshops as Kanazawa City Craft Director.

Main exhibitions
"with" nadoya (2022 / Tokyo) 
"Hereafter" SOMEWHERE TOKYO (2022 / Tokyo) 
"Future Past" Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy (2022 / Ishikawa)




撮影: Nik van der Giesen
《Obake A/UN》


撮影:Daisuke Yoshio
《A Day in the Harvest》