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Artist:Masaya Hashimoto(Japan)
Title:Vowel /Rumbling of the Sea


Photo:Keizo Kioku

瓦産業や珠洲焼、珪藻土など、珠洲の歴史は土と共にあることに注目し、瓦工場跡地から採取した粘土を素材に作品を制作。《母音 /海鳴り》はこぶしほどの小さな作品で、珠洲の海辺の民家で成形された。《海雲》は、マッコウクジラの歯を素材とした作品で、近隣の大谷神社で倒木した御神木を台座に活用した。

This work uses clay and tools found at an old Noto rooftile factory. The artist noted that Suzu’s history, which includes the tile industry, Suzu ware pottery, and diatomaceous earth, has a strong connection with the land and was reminded of the first time he worked with clay. This installation took shape by exploring the connections between that deep nostalgia he felt and the sea, breathing, a beating heart, the motion of the waves, the stars, and the pebbles washed by the waves.



Masaya Hashimoto(JAPAN)

彫刻家 1978年岐阜県生まれ。

Sculptor: Born in 1978 in Gifu Prefecture.
He became interested in how a natural object’s inherent qualities are revealed by altering it and began his career as a self-taught sculptor. While working with various materials such as wood, horns and bones of animals, minerals, and soil, his penetrating gaze is consistently directed toward the depths of his materials and motifs to elicit his sculpture forms. In recent years, he has attracted attention with his works using deer antlers and bones to create sculptures of familiar flower and plant motifs. 




Photo by Ooki Jingu 


Photo by Tadayuki Minamoto