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奥村浩之〈日本 / 墨西哥〉


Artist:Hiroyuki Okumura(Japan/Mexico)
Title:Wind and Waves


Photo:Kichiro Okamura



Through the acts of “breaking and reverting” that characterize Okumura’s stone sculptures, the textures of the dazzlingly white stone materials and their undulating forms appear gentle or wild, depending on how the sunlight falls on them, or how they are perceived through the eyes and hands. Perhaps they are in synch with the waves and wind of Suzu. Standing firm in its natural setting against the height of the sky and the vastness of the sea, the stone’s weighty, massive presence radiates strength as a gift from the earth, drawing the viewer’s gaze with its sense of stability.

Cooperation=Sekigahara Human Village Museum of Life, Sekigahara Stone Co., Ltd.




Hiroyuki Okumura(Japan)


-2005年在卡薩迭戈里維拉美術館(墨西哥)舉辦個展 –在第33届國際切爾萬蒂諾節上,以當地居住作家身分受到邀請。 

Born in 1963 in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. Completed the master's course at Kanazawa College of Art in 1988. In 1989, he became interested in ancient Mexican civilization and Latin American culture, and moved to Mexico, where he continues his activities to this day. He produces works mainly in Mexico and creates sculptures using Mexican stone, predominantly marble. He also works with architects to create monuments. One of his representative monument works is the relief on the wall of the concert hall at Tlaqná, the cultural center of the University of Veracruz, Mexico.

Representative exhibitions
-2005 Solo exhibition at Casa Diego Rivera Museum (Mexico)― Invited as a resident artist at the 33rd Cervantino International Festival. ― 
-2016 Solo exhibition at Federico Silva Museum of Contemporary Sculpture (Mexico)
-2019 Solo exhibition at the Manuel Felgueres Museum of Abstract Art (Mexico)




《canal lavita》2005年


《Puertas abiertas》2013年