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Artist:Oscar Oiwa (BRAZIL / USA)
Title:Flower Pot


Photo:Kichiro Okamura


Huge flowerpots are situated on the former rail track site of Noto Railway’s Shoin Station. The plants were selected for their colors in autumn. This work is an attempt to make this area, which has beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, a popular spot for viewing autumn leaves in autumn. The pots are made from giant recycled tanks that were no longer needed at a local shochu distillery. The artist has drawn images related to Suzu on the sides of the pots.



Oscar Oiwa (BRAZIL / USA)

主要展覽會有2019「尋光之旅」/金澤21世紀美術館/石川 2018「超越結束:廢墟的美術史」涉谷區立松濤美術館/東京 2016「世界充滿光亮」 藝術前臺畫廊/東京2013、2016、2019瀨戶內國際藝術節男木島小豆島/香川2008「夢想世界」/東京都現代美術館/東京

Works of Oiwa, as though veiled over the surface, attract the viewers' perspective into the depth of the plane. His interest in social matters, caught at first in newspapers and articles on internet, will be visualized through elaborative research and drawing process. The finished image, sometimes grandiose and apocalyptic, depicts the life and society with his characteristic sense of humor. Born in Sao Paulo, he graduated from Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Sao Paulo University. While working in an architectural studio in Japan where his parents are issued from, he exhibited gradually in artistic events to become an artist. Awarded the grant from Asian Cultural Council and John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, he moved to New York in 2002 where he lives since then. Recently he exhibited in Brazil, USA , France, Belgium , Korea and Japan.
Main exhibition history 2019 A Journey to Light, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / Ishikawa 2019 Setouchi International Art Festival, Ogijima Shodoshima / Kagawa (also in 2016 and 2013) 2018 To the End: Ruins of Art History , Shibuya Museum of Songdo / Tokyo 2016 The world is full of light, Art Front Gallery / Tokyo 2008 The Dreams of a Sleeping World, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo 




 『Pine River』2015年