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Artist:Alexander Ponomarev(former USSR [Dnipro] / Russia)


Photo:Kichiro Okamura


This piece stands on a green hill overlooking the sea as a single work of landscape art. On a site with old pergolas (pavilion posts) and using a disused sake tank from a local brewery, the artist creates a boat-themed installation with sailing poles, girders, and ropes. The poles are square and designed with the giant Kiriko lantern floats of Oku-Noto in mind. The composition is based on the principle of the golden ratio using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. The work also functions like a “harp” when wind causes a part of the ropes to vibrate, with the liquor tank acting as a resonator to produce the sound of the wind.




Alexander Ponomarev(Russia)


他的作品也曾在日本展出,如【濑户内国际艺术节2016】、【大地的艺术节2018】、【梦想的力量—向未来飞翔 俄罗斯现代艺术的世界】(市原湖畔美术馆,2019)等。 他的主要展览包括: 【无岸可寻】,2022年于莫斯科市美术馆展出 【Windtruvian Man】,2015年于普希金美术馆展出 【船的复活】,1996年于特列恰科夫美术馆展出 主要荣誉: 法国艺术文化骑士勋章

Born in Dnipropetrovsk (former Soviet Union) in 1957. Lives and works in Moscow. After graduating from Oryol Art School, he became a navigator and traveled the seven seas because he admired the sea. In 1982 he returned to the art world, developing works on the theme of the sea and ships. In 2017, he held the first Antarctic Biennale as Commissioner. He has presented many projects at the Venice Biennale and the Venice Architecture Biennale, and has exhibited at museums around the world, including the Pompidou Center and the Louvre. He has exhibited works in Japan as well, including at the 2016 Setouchi International Art Triennale, 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Art Festival and “The Power of Dreaming – Soaring to the Future: The World of Russian Contemporary Art” (Ichihara Lakeside Museum, 2019).

1981 Born in Aichi Prefecture
2009 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in oil painting 
2011 Completed graduate course in oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts

Representative exhibitions
-"No Shore" Moscow State Museum, 2022
-"Windtruvian Man" Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, 2015
-"Ship Resurrection" Tretyakov Gallery, 1996




《The Flying Ship》、オーストリア、2018年


《Ouroboros》、Art D’Egypte、エジプト、2021年