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Infinity 41.42.43

Artist:Richard Deacon(UK)
Title:Infinity 42.43.44


Photo:Kichiro Okamura



Kinoura Bay is known as being a particularly beautiful place on the Sotoura Coast. The artist is interested in the uniqueness of the Noto Peninsula, which juts out from Japan’s main island of Honshu, and Suzu, which is located at the tip of the peninsula. He will install three “Infinity” sculptures on the beach resembling transmitter and receiver devices that collect and reflect light from the sky at a 45-degree angle. This is the 43rd work in the “Infinity” series, which Deacon started in 2001. The sculpture contains mathematical and physical elements. The roots of the artist’s production—science fiction, space, and networks—shape the work.

Grant = British Council
              Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation




Richard Deacon(UK)

理查·迪肯(生於1949 年)是英國重要當代雕塑家,2014 年初在英國泰特美術館展出了他作品。2015、2016 一項費期十年的作品「彼岸」在瑞士、阿塞拜疆和德國的博物館巡迴展覽。他的作品集「So, If, And, But」(所以,如果,和,但是)於 2014 年以英文和德文出版。2016 年,德國埃森的福克旺博物館對他的繪畫進行了回顧展,出版「Drawings and Prints 1968 – 2016」(素描與版畫 1968年到2016年)並附帶目錄。 2017 年,聖地亞哥美術館舉辦了「What You See Is What You Get」(所見即所得)作品展覽會,可以瀏覽迪肯主要來自美國收藏的作品。同年在安特衛普米德爾海姆博物館(Never Mind)、布拉格城市美術館(Free Assembly)和海爾布隆Kunsthalle Vogelmann(About Time)舉辦個展。迪肯為英國和世界各地的公共空間創作作品。 他最近在北京和東京設置了委員會,並與 Mrdjan Bajić 合作完成了貝爾格萊德的一座人行天橋。 

理查德·迪肯於1987 年在英國泰特美術館獲得特納獎,1995 年在德國昆澤爾紹沃斯博物館獲得羅伯特·雅各森獎,並於 2017 年在德國海爾布隆獲得恩斯特·弗朗茨·沃格曼獎。

Richard Deacon (born 1949) is a leading British sculptor, a large-scale survey of his work was exhibited at Tate Britain in early 2014. In 2015/16 a ten-year survey – On The Other Side – toured to museums in Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Germany. A collected edition of his writings, So, If, And, But was published in English and in German in 2014. In 2016 The Folkwang Musem in Essen, Germany mounted a full retrospective of his drawing and prints Richard Deacon Drawings and Prints 1968 – 2016 with a substantial accompanying catalogue.
In 2017 San Diego Museum of Fine Art showed What You See Is What You Get a survey of Deacon’s work drawn mainly from American collections. The same year there were solo exhibitions at the Middelheim Museum in Antwerp (Never Mind ), at the City Art Gallery in Prague (Free Assembly ) and at the Kunsthalle Vogelmann in Heilbronn (About Time). Deacon has made works for public places in Britain and across the world. He has recently installed commissions in Beijing and Tokyo and, in partnership with Mrdjan Bajić, completed a pedestrian bridge in Belgrade. Richard Deacon won the Turner Prize at Tate Gallery UK, in 1987, the Robert Jakobsen Prize, Museum Würth, Künzelsau, Germany, in 1995 and the Ernst Franz Vogelmann Prize in Heilbronn, Germany in 2017. 




撮影:Werner Hahnappel
《Masters Of The Universe #1》2005年


撮影:Werner Hahnappel
《Never Mind (2017 version)》ミドルハイム美術館、ベルギー、2017年