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Artist:Chiharu Shiota(JAPAN/GERMANY)
Title:The Boat Which Carries Time


Photo:Kichiro Okamura


Feeling a strong connection to her roots in the salt fields of the Otani area, the artist chose an old nursery school that overlooks the Sotoura coast as the location for her work. Suzu’s Agehama-style salt production, the only longstanding one of its kind in Japan, has been on the verge of disappearing several times. Red strings stretch from a sand boat that transported the high-quality sand to the fields, extending throughout the venue and spinning a history of the people who preserved and passed on the art of salt-making to the present.



Chiharu Shiota(JAPAN/GERMANY)

1972年出生於大阪府。 居住在柏林。
他主要發表大型裝置作品,探索著「活著的意義」、「存在是什麼」,面對生與死這每個人始終都會面對的生命問題,他的藝術創作手法廣泛,有立體造型、平面照片、影像等。 2007年,在神奈川縣民大廳畫廊的個展「從沉默中」獲得藝術選獎文部科學大臣新人獎。2015年被選為第56届威尼斯雙年展國際美術展的日本館代表。主要展覽他的個展的美術館有史密森尼博物館亞瑟•M薩克勒展覽室(2014年)、高知縣立美術館(2013年)、丸龜市猪熊弦一郎現代美術館(2012年)、國立國際美術館(2008年)等。 還參加了許多國際性展覽,有雪梨雙年展(16年)、釜山雙年展(14年)、瀨戶內國際藝術展(11年)

Born in Osaka in 1972. Resides and works in Berlin.
Confronted with the fundamental issue of humans, life and death, she has presented dynamic installations with using various means including sculpture, photography, and moving images as she explore the questions such as “what it means to live” and “What is the existence”.Received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology´s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists, Japan in 2008 for the solo exhibition, "From In Silence / Art Complex", held at Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery (2007, Japan). She was selected for the artist of the Japan pavilion in the 56th Venice Art Biennale in 2015 (Italy). Other major solo exhibitions were held at Smithsonian Institution Arthur M.Sackler Gallery, Washington, D.C. (2014, USA), The Museum of Art, Kochi (2014, Japan), Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa (2012, Japan), The National Museum of Art, and Osaka (2008, Japan). She has also participated in many international art festivals including The 20th Biennale of Sydney (2016, Australia), Busan Biennale (2014, South Korea), Setouchi International Art Festival (2010, Teshima Japan), and Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (2009, Japan).




“The Key in tha Hand”2015
Photo by Sunhi Mang 


“In Silence”2008
Photo by Sunhi Mang