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希林・阿贝迪尼拉德 (伊朗/美国)


Artist:Shirin Abedinirad(Iran / USA)
Title:Translucent Metamorphosis




Sea glass along the coast caught the artist’s eye. She was inspired by the way sake bottles can turn into glass stones. A great number of fishing nets had been preserved at the venue, a former storehouse for fishing supplies. Abedinirad hung these nets from the ceiling of the storehouse and placed pieces of broken sake bottles on them. The light hitting the glass makes the space sparkle like a chandelier. Reflecting the ever-changing nature of life, this work is an opportunity to consider the ephemerality of human existence.



希林・阿贝迪尼拉德 (伊朗/美国)

Shirin Abedinirad(Iran/USA)

1986年生于伊朗大不里士。2002年开始在绘画领域从事艺术活动。在德黑兰的沙里阿蒂专科学校学习平面设计,后来又学习了时装设计,主要研究概念艺术和其在服装设计方面的应用。在此期间,她开始在伊朗各地从事表演艺术,并开始探索性别、性取向、同情等主题。另外,她还在许多舞台上表演过。从2012年开始制作视频艺术,探索自我和身份的概念。在表演艺术和视频艺术领域中,她既是表演者,同时也设计自己的服装、道具和场景。 她开始着迷于自然主题,于2013年开始制作土地艺术、装置艺术和公共艺术。在2014年3月,她被选为United Colors of Benetton's Fabroca研究中心的一年期学者。在意大利期间,她在该公司的编辑部工作,并撰写了《时装与概念艺术》一书,由Nazar出版社出版。 现在以美国为活动基地,其作品类型包括雕塑、装置艺术、影像等多种,其中最为著名的是利用镜子制作的大型作品。她将镜子作为一种窗口,通过它向观众展示过去曾经存在过的更美好的世界。 她的作品曾在时代艺术博物馆(北京/成都)、Museum on the Seam(耶路撒冷)、曼纳当代艺术博物馆(新泽西)、威尼斯双年展和安道尔大地艺术双年展等国际舞台上展出。

-Museum on the Seam(耶路撒冷)

Shirin Abedinirad was born in 1986, in Tabriz, Iran. In 2002, she began her artistic activities with painting. She first completed her academic studies in Graphic Design and later, Fashion Design, at Shariaty Technical College in Tehran, in which her research focused on conceptual art and the ways in which it overlaps with fashion design. During this time, she started engaging in performance art pieces around Iran, confronting issues of gender, sexuality, and human compassion. She has also staged many public shows. Since 2012, Shirin has been making video art, exploring the notion of self and identity with moving images. In both her performance art projects and videos, she was the performer as well as the designer of her own costumes, props, and sets.
She has become more captivated by nature as a central theme. In 2013, she thus began creating land art, installation projects, and public art by employing images of nature. In March 2014, Shirin was selected for a one-year scholarship with United Colors of Benetton’s Fabrica research centre. During her time in Italy, Shirin worked in Fabrica’s Editorial Department and authored a book titled Fashion & Conceptual Art published by Nazar Publication.
Currently based in the United States, Abedinirad’s art now encompasses a range of sculptural, installation, and moving image practices, including the large-scale mirrored construction for which she is best known. Abedinirad gives us the mirror as a kind of window-one through which we see a better world that was here along. She has exhibited work in a range of international venues, including the Times Art Museum (Beijing, Chengdu), the Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem), the Mana Contemporary Museum (New Jersey), the Venice Biennale, and the Andorra Land Art Biennale.

Three representative exhibitions
-Times Art Museum (Beijing, Chengdu)
-Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem) 
-Mana Contemporary Museum (New Jersey) 






《Tide #2》、北京時代美術館(北京)、2022年