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Artist:Suzupro at Kanazawa College of Art(JAPAN)
Title:The Oku-Noto mandala


Photo:Kichiro Okamura


A project by volunteers from Kanazawa College of Art, which has been ongoing since the 1st Oku-Noto Triennale. Works such as "Oku-Noto Mandala" and "The tree in the House" are installed in the Yagi family house in central Iida. At the 2nd Triennale, they added "Rowing as Praying" using Noto cypress as a material and waves and palms (of hands) as motifs.


・制作年 2017,2021年
・展示 飯田エリア|旧八木家
・マップコード(カーナビ入力) 329 647 872*73
・公開 10名様以上のみ事前予約でお一人様300円

Production year 2017,2021
Exhibition Area Iida|Former Yagi House
MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 647 872*73



Suzupro at Kanazawa College of Art(JAPAN)

日本海と共に発展してきた珠洲の歴史的・社会的背景をふまえ、「静かな海流をめぐって」をテーマに掲げて活動をしています。 珠洲市飯田地区の古民家での作品制作を中心に、一年を通して珠洲の祭りや伝統行事に参加しながら地域交流を深めています。 平成28年4月から本格的にフィールドワークを開始し、環日本海を見渡した調査研究を行いながら、奥能登でしか表現し得ない大規模な作品の制作に向けて日々の活動を続けています。 

On the occasion of the Oku-Noto Triennale, the faculty and students of Kanazawa University of Art and Design formed a team that transcended the boundaries of specialization.
Based on the historical and social background of Suzu, which has developed along with the Sea of Japan, the theme of our activities is "over the quiet current". The center focuses on the creation of works in traditional Japanese houses in the Iida district of Suzu City, and throughout the year, the center participates in local festivals and traditional events in Suzu, deepening local exchange. In April 2016, we began full-scale fieldwork and conducted research on the Japan Sea. We continue our daily activities to create large-scale works that can only be expressed in Oku-Noto. 




“The tree in the House”2017


“Rowing as Praying”2021