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窥视 观望

Artist:Miyuki Takenaka(JAPAN)
Title:Peeking, Looking,


Photo:Keizo Kioku


A personal diary found in the Okura Zarae provides us with a picture of Suzu’s past and present. The artist creates a mysterious story in a translucent glass shed. Unlike social media and blogs, this was real life in a small diary. Usually, the writer would be the only reader; this is an attempt to step in and extract an image of daily life that we may have forgotten.


・制作年 2021年
・展示 大谷エリア|スズ・シアター・ミュージアム
・マップコード(カーナビ入力) 329 875 719*30
・公開 10名様以上のみ事前予約でお一人様800円

Production year 2021
Exhibition Area Otani|SUZU THEATER MUSEUM
MAPCODE (GPS input)|329 875 719*30



Miyuki Takenaka(JAPAN)

近年来的个展有《都市的骚动》(2019新宿公园塔画廊1/东京)《新物语》(2018艺术前线画廊/东京)等。近年来集团展クインテットiv 5星的作家们(2018 sompo美术馆/东京),歇尔美术奖艺术家selection获得2017(国立新美术馆/东京)等。主要获奖有2020年清流国岐府艺术节/篠原资明奖、2012年shell美术奖/岛敦彦审查员奖励奖、东京wonderwall 2010/ wonderwall奖等。

She was born in Gifu Prefecture. After graduating from Tama Art University’s Painting Department specializing in Oil Painting, she completed the Master’s Degree Program at Tama Art University‘s Graduate School of Art and Design. She is based in Tokyo. She uses mainly transparent materials to create flat works and installations that incorporate light and shadows. Her recent exhibitions include Soughing City (2019 Shinjuku Park Tower Gallery 1/Tokyo) and New Story (2018 Art Front Gallery/Tokyo). Recent group exhibitions include Quintet IV Five Star Artists (2018 SOMPO Museum/Tokyo), Selection Artist of Shell Art Award 2017 (National Art Center, Tokyo). Major awards include the Motoaki Shinohara encouragement prize at Art Award IN THE CUBE 2020, the 2012 Shell Art Award’s Atsuhiko Shima encouragement prize, and the Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize at Tokyo Wonder Wall Contest 2010.