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植松 奎二〈日本〉

無形的能量 存在於天空、大地和海洋之間。

Artist:Keiji Uematsu(Japan)
Title:Invisible Energy-Between Heaven and Sea and Earth



自11月中至12月間,北陸時而吹起猛烈強風,時而響起震天巨雷,這類天候在石川和富山稱之為「鰤起」。當雷擊落在珠洲冬季海上時,伴隨著閃電與雷聲,這一刻,能感受平常看不到的大自然能量的存在。 將在珠洲生長多年,後來倒下的御神木也融入作品中,是一項讓人體感浩瀚時空交疊的作品。

From mid-November through December in the Hokuriku region, fierce winds blow with days of violently rumbling thunder. In places including Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures, this phenomenon is known as buri-okoshi, or “waking the yellowtail.” When thunderbolts strike the winter sea in Suzu, they are accompanied by flashes of light and peals of thunder. It is a moment when one feels the presence of a great natural energy usually invisible to the eye. Incorporating a sacred tree that spent many years growing its roots in the soil of Suzu before later falling, this installation lets the visitor experience a great convergence of time and space.




Keiji Uematsu(Japan)

1947年出生于日本兵库县。艺术家。1975年移居德国,此后在欧洲各地举办展览,活跃在国际艺术领域。1976年在斯德哥尔摩现代艺术博物馆,1981年在纽约PS1举办个展。1988年成为威尼斯双年展的日本代表。1997年和2006年在西宫市大谷纪念美术馆举办个展,2003年在北九州市美术馆举办个展。2001年在伦敦泰特现代艺术馆举办了《为相机表演》的展览。2013年获得中原悌二郎奖。2021年在芦屋市美术博物馆举办了《触及无形之物的方法-直觉》个展。此外,他在国内外举办了许多个人展览和团体展览。作品被兵庫县立美术馆、西宫大谷纪念美术馆、国立国际美术馆、神奈川县立现代美术馆、卡地亚当代艺术基金会、不来梅美术馆、纽约现代艺术博物馆等主要公共收藏机构所收藏。目前他在箕面市和杜塞尔多夫设有工作室,并继续进行制作和展示作品。 艺术家总是在制作中思考,如何让世界的结构、存在及关系更加清晰地显现出来,并从中发现某些东西,又或者让看不见的事物看得见。 有时是对存在于物体之间的重力和引力等无形的普遍力量的兴趣,或者是对原始和宇宙力量的简单兴趣。思考被自然、地球及宇宙所包围的人类存在的问题。 


Born in Hyogo in 1947. Artist. Moved to Germany in 1975. Since then he has held exhibitions all over Europe and is active internationally. Held solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, in 1976, and at PS1, New York, in 1981. 1988 Japan representative at the Venice Biennale. Held solo exhibitions at the Otani Memorial Museum of Art, Nishinomiya City, in 1997 and 2006. Solo exhibition at the Kitakyushu City Museum of Art in 2003. "Performing for the Camera" Tate Modern, London, in 2001. Received the Teijiro Nakahara Award in 2013. Solo exhibition "Ways of Touching the Invisible=Intuition" at Ashiya City Museum of Art and History in 2021. Many other solo and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas. His major public collections include the Hyogo Museum of Art, the Nishinomiya Otani Memorial Museum, the National Museum of Art, Osaka, the Museum of Modern Art, Kanagawa, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, the Bremen Museum, MoMA NY, and others. Currently, he has studios in Minoh City and Düsseldorf, where he continues to produce and present works.

He has always wanted to discover something by making the structure, existence and relationships of the world more visible, and to make the invisible visible. Sometimes it comes from an interest in invisible universal forces such as gravity and attraction that exist between objects, or a simple interest in primordial things and cosmic forces. It is also an inquiry into human existence, which is surrounded by things like nature, the earth and the universe.

Representative exhibitions
-『Hello! Super Collection  99 untold stories』2022 Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka
-『Keiji Uematsu An Invitation to α Nonsensical Journey ー Dream of Seeing』Kirishima Open Air Museum
-『Keiji Uematsu Ways of Touching the Invisible= Intuition 』 Ashiya City Museum of Art and History




撮影:Takuma Uematsu


撮影:Takuma Uematsu
《枝とともにーエネルギーに触れる》「ナンセンスな旅への招待―みることの夢」、霧島アートの森(鹿児島)、2022 年