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Operation confirmation environment

The following browsers are recommended for safe use of this website.

Windows(Windows 8 from)
・Microsoft Edge 
・Google Chrome Latest edition
※Windows Excluding store app version

Mac OS X (iOS 11 from)

・Safari Latest edition
・Google Chrome Latest edition

●This website is not optimized for versions other than the recommended environment or for other browsers.
●On Windows RT (dedicated OS for devices with touch screens such as tablets), the display may not be what you intended. 
●Unintended display may occur depending on the settings of the terminal used by the customer, some browsers, and applications.

Customers using smartphones and tablets

This website is verified on the following devices.

Android smartphone(Android 12.0 from)

・Google Chrome Latest edition

iPhone(iOS 15 from)

・Safari Latest edition
・Google Chrome Latest edition 

●Android‐equipped feature phones are not covered by the recommended environment.
●Depending on the settings and memory of the smartphone, it may not work properly even with the target terminal/browser. 
●If there is a change in the specifications of the browser installed in the new model, the display may not be what you intended. 
●This information is as of September 30, 2022.